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General instructions

  • The article must be well-researched and not paraphrased
  • The piece should consist of 600 or more words
  • The article must be as per the topic & outline shared by our Editors 
  • The Domain Authority of website you want to link to- we accept only DA 20+ websites from Guest Contributors 
  • Write in American English
  • Keep all the paragraphs short – 4 sentences at the maximum
  • Keep the tone conversational – more of ‘I’ and ‘you’
  • Use bucket brigades – they ensure that the piece is easy-to-scan
  • The content draft should be optimized for the primary keyword
  • Author bio along with your headshot
  • Links to all your social media profiles if available
  • Avoid using jargon
  • Break the points into subheadings and bullet points
  • Add visuals – graphs, images, screenshots, videos, wherever required.
  • Use data to validate your content
  • Ensure the statistics included are not older than 2 years
  • Before submitting your piece, run it for grammar and readability
  • Using any of these tools, attach plagiarism report (Tool1 or Tool2), Screenshot of AI Content Detection Less than 15% (Tool1 or Tool2 or Tool3
  • Send the final article as a Google doc, making it easier for us to edit and give feedback.


  • Submitted article will be published within 2 working days.


  • The headline and subheadings should be in bold.
  • Keep the font type and size consistent throughout the piece.


  • All links to external resources must be relevant and not just your promotional links.
  • We allow 2-3 do-follow links.


  • Your piece must include visuals and examples
  • Visuals must be relevant to the point being covered
  • Visuals must be explained – we don’t wish to leave our readers confused
  • If you wish to include a video, provide us with its ‘embed’ link
  • All visuals must be of high quality
  • All visuals must be sent to us in a URL format (include your source like pixels, pixabay etc. and do not include copyrighted image )
  • Submit your article through contact form below or send us email at admin@itape.pro.